Growth rate of ecommerce is continue to rise every year with the 18 largest marketplaces contribute for some 44% of the world’s ecommerce sales. Since experts believe online sales are expected to rise each year. From these facts one can say that – the online presence of your brand was never important than it is right now. This emphasizes the need for businesses to be active on various channels and optimize them. These tools will help you to do so:

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4 Least Known Myths about Multichannel Retailing

A Single Hub Will Do It All!

To manage sales across all your sales channels, a single hub is must. For this purpose, there are many platforms available. BigCommerce is one of them. Along with its ecommerce website management tools, this platform is able to integrate with Google Shopping, Amazon, Facebook, eBay and Pinterest. Moreover, it manages your inventory by connecting it to your multiple marketplaces, social media and POS system.  Through automatic syncing, this platform allows to manage sales, optimize inventory, and make it all error-free and fully automated. When retailers opt for a seamless Omni-channel presence for their brand, it will surely save them a lot of time and thus easier to manage the backend of ecommerce, since everything is centralized. Also, it allows retailers to focus more on other aspects of their business.

Keep up with customer Support
To manage customer service and support happens to be tough when you have multiple channels to connect with your customer. For this, you need to have cloud-based helpdesk software. Freshdesk may help you in this regard. It allows you to keep track of customers and their concerns. With this central platform, retailers can save plenty of their time and effort. Regardless of which channel your customer chooses, exceptional customer support software should be able to put smile on anyone’s face.

Branded mobile apps

Most of internet traffic comes from mobile devices. This shows the need to connect with customers via mobile than desktop these days. For this, ecommerce businesses need to have branded mobile apps to boost customer retention. Shopgate offers everything the online retailers need to have. It makes it easy to create mobile websites, retails apps that work on iPad, iPhone and android phones as well. Shopgate also integrates with the best multi-channel ecommerce platforms like Volusion, Magento, Shopify and BigCommerce so that all sync together with online store.